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Tunde Eso was born into the family of Pa Obafemi and Mrs. Iyabode Eso (nee Fanibe) on 16th of August, 1977, married, his hobbies are: reading, writing, counseling, dancing, motivating people, cooking, teaching, traveling and he hails from Ilesa West in Osun State, Nigeria

Tunde Eso, is a Political Scientist and the Author of African Security Solution, the book that was published in United Kingdom, 2012 and it’s sold globally, he is the Publisher of Findout Newspaper.

Eso had his education in Nigeria and Ghana. He obtained his First School Leaving Certificate at Local Authority Primary School, Imo Ilesa in 1990.

He had a brief stint at Saint Lawrence Grammar School, Imo Ilesa, before moving to Sango Ota High School, Ota, Ogun State, where he obtained his secondary school certificate in 1996.

Thereafter, he proceeded to Osun State College of Technology, Esa-Oke, where he obtained a National Diploma Certificate in Accountancy in 2005.

In 2009, he obtained a Certificate in Public Management from the Institute of Public Management, Nigeria, and a Certificate in Public Relations from the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) in 2010.

He went to the University of Education, Winneba, Ghana for his Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and International Relations for his Master’s degree.


Manifesto of Tunde Eso as 5th Governor of Osun State, Nigeria.

I am passionate about serving the great people of Osun State, Nigeria, with a view to providing equal opportunities for all. I have been involved in various life impacting projects like the running of scholarship programmes on educational and vocational trainings in Osun and in other places.
With this great opportunity given to me to serve our people, there shall be a multiplication of such effort which will ensure youth empowerment, good welfare package for civil servants, students, women, men, traditional rulers, elder citizens, industrial growth and security. My passion for serving, and a voice for our people motivated me to step forward to promote sustainable quality of life for everyone.
I am fully committed to helping the development of an enabling environment for business growth, development and social integration.
I consider myself a visionary which became clearer to me at the age 19. Visionary leaders are compassionate and humanitarian.

Osun is no doubt an agrarian state. I will make our farmers and citizens enjoy the benefits of hardwork through the empowerment and provision of support for them

My government will provide social amenities and employment to youths, several of whom have not been able to actualize their dreams due to wrong government policies.

The role of government is to create an enabling environment by ensuring security of lives and property, provision of standard roads, effective railway system and a tax regime that is business friendly.


When government creates an enabling environment, small and medium scale businesses and industries will spring up. I have started talking with some high net-worth Osun indigenes and investors from other climes to come and take advantage of the opportunities in the state. There are a lot of mineral resources here like gold that has not been adequately tapped for the benefit of our citizens.

I will build on the good works of my predecessors to enhance continuity.

Osun state is known for its tourism potentials which is a veritable source of foreign exchange. We can exploit this advantage to enhance the revenue base of the state